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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Do you Want to Speed up your Computer?

Generally we use various types of software in our computer. If your computer is loaded too many software your PC speed must become slow. I am discussing today a simple tip about how to speed up a computer. Many people try to speed up computer using various software.

As a result their computer become slow rather than fast. But here I am using no additional software, just a tip. This tip is very easy and time consuming. I have tested it using Windows operating system. Lets go now.

What are the Subjects to Consider when you Choose a Web Hosting Company for your Website?

I will share with you my knowledge about Web Hosting. If you want to use a website then you will need a domain name and a hosting space. After buying a domain, your have to think about web hosting. Web hosting means a space needed for your website provided by certain company if you give them money.

This hosting will allow you to upload various things to their server (the company from whom you buy hosting) such as files, images, song, video etc.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Do You Want to Arrange Your Computer Folders by Various Colors?

I am now sharing an excellent software with you. You use computer folders to keep files or another folders into it. But what will be if you see various folders in various colors. Really interesting. Generally in operating system Windows XP, we can not do it, because in the operating system, such feature is not included.
But you can easily do such interesting things using a simple software. At first you must have to download this software. In the following, I am giving the download link of this software.

How to Insert Data into a Table Using MySQL Database?

During making a dynamic website, it is often needed to insert data into a database. Generally MySQL is used as the database in PHP. So, here you will see how to insert data using PHP code. For this, a practical example is given for you. Suppose, there is a form that has two text fields.

What should happen when you insert two values in both the fields and click Add button? See Image:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Move Cursor from One Page to Another Page Using VB.NET?

Today I am describing about moving cursor from one text box to another. When working it is very important to work with keyboard. Everyone want to avoid the use of mouse because there remains miscombination between putting input to forms and clicking mouse to switch from one box to another.
So you can easily do that using keyboard only. To do this, you have to write a very simple code.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What is the Connection String that I use in SQL Server 2000 to connect with VB.NET?

When you make a project in VB.NET and use database then a connection string is needed to connect VB.NET with database. In the following I show a connection string needed when we use SQL Server 2000 as database. Here this string is made for database "Moto".

How to Read and Show Text File Contents in PHP?

When you work with dynamic website you have to use database and tables. You insert data into a table of a database and read data from that particular table when needed. Suppose, you create a table and insert a long description about your webpage in that table. But it can easily be done creating a text file into your computer and then just calling this file using PHP code.

How to write a Database Connection Code in PHP?

In PHP, you can easily write database connection code. Actually when you want to make any dynamic site using PHP programming language then the first question before doing anything that will arise into your mind is: "How can I make database and how to link with database". In the following, I write a database connection code that will become very simple and easy.