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Saturday, August 7, 2010

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Gives Warning to Wikipedia

Actually wikipedia is a great collection of world news. We can know almost everything of this world through this site. They are now too much popular to the world people. But recently an incident has happened to make their authorities worried.

The detective branch of USA namely FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has sent a letter to the Wikipedia Foundation. FBI mentioned to their letter that Wikipedia has used the logo of their organization in an article written about them which is fully illegal according to their claim. FBI told that if Wikipedia does not take any attempt to rectify it, then they will take necessary lawful steps in this case.

Monday, August 2, 2010

How to Create Free Domain and Free Hosting for your Website?

After successfully completing a website the main thing is to upload it to a server. If you have enough budget, then no problem. Just buy a domain name and hosting space from any hosting company and upload your website there. But problem is when you want to test a site or you have not enough budget.
You can use, or If your website is static then you can use such sites. But when you want to work with database what will you do? Above mentioned sites do not provide you database facility. So, for such cases you will need to get a free hosting service which will allow you to use database.