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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Important and Useful Tips to Make Your First Blog

Do you want to create a good and beautiful blog site for your own? Then please follow this post. I am showing you step by step process:

Firstly keep in mind that you will have to create a blog which will attract your visitors to visit and read your contents. Because visitors will not read your contents before. They will at first see your theme or template and if they like it they will continue reading your blog. Otherwise visitors or subscribers will come to your blog but will go out without reading any article.

Now I am telling you 3 easy tips to make your visitors pleased.

1. Keep your blog contents like menu button, links, home page button etc. in a way so that visitors can find these options easily.

2. Try to write about the present news or technology and write good quality content. Make an option to share your posts so that visitors can share these and you get more visitors.

3. Try to keep your blog simple and clean as possible. Do not show all the contents in same page rather divide your contents into categories. If you maintain it your visitors will be able to get their information easily, otherwise you may loss visitors.

Now I am giving you some tips to make your blog attractive.

1. Keep your site alignment in center and keep your website title to the top.

2. Give priority of your site contents than others. You can follow a rule. Keep 20% of your site for navigation and the rest 80% for representing contents. Place your navigations in such a place so that visitors can easily go to their choosable topics. Example: Site Header, Left Navigator, Right Navigator.
To see some nice headers please visit this link:

3. Your navigation menu list should not become too long. If needed divide it into sub-categories. Keep your site logo beautiful, related to blog and small. To get logo making tips you can visit here:

4. Make your text header bold for a particular topic. Then your visitors can easily see it.

5. Keep your background color white and text color black. Do not make such type of color which creates pressure on the eye of visitors. Add pictures matching your contents. Then visitors will feel interest reading your articles.

6. Do not keep unnecessary things on your site such as date under every post, unrelated pictures, unnecessary widgets etc.

7. If the blog is your personal blog then please do not write about yourself under every topic. Put your personal information only when you write in a group blog.

8. Keep comment option in your blog so that you can easily analyze your site's popularity and usefulness of your content.

9. Put a comment moderation system otherwise you may be attacked by spammers. Use reCAPTCHA plugin in your site if possible.

10. Keep an eye to your site header. Do not use large header in your site.

11. Make the number of recent comments, recent posts, facebook fans etc. short.

12. Do not use to many colors or too many ads to your site.

At last I want to say that plan your site's topic at first and then choose template or apply colors matching your topic. Give clear and good quality content to your site. Then it will bring benefit to you. Thanks for reading my article. Please do not forget to comment if you think my post helpful.


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